Photo Opps: Mini Date Nights on the Boardwalk

You don’t have to travel far to find great opportunities to learn about your DSLR camera, or take great pictures. We live about a mile from Dania Beach in Florida, and while I realize not everyone is lucky enough to live close to the beach – you likely have some nice scenery close to you. We recently started a routine of grabbing a cheap dinner and walking on the boardwalk in Dania Beach, FL. It turned out to be sort of a cheap, fun, mini-date night for our family.

On this particular night, it was overcast and a storm was slowly moving into the area. I knew that I had limited light and time to grab some photos. As a beginner, setting the proper exposure was difficult. I was fumbling with the camera trying to get the ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture set just right. While I still had some light, I was able to grab some of my first “action” photos at the Margaritaville FlowRider. These are some pretty cool photos and a clear indication of the great images produced by the Canon EOS 80D DSLR.

These were some of the first photos I took with this camera in early May 2017. Looking at these photos in post-production through Lightroom, they are grainy, the exposure is way off, and it was clear that I really had no idea what I was shooting or how to set up the camera at this point. The point is, you have to start somewhere and not be afraid to read, watch videos and learn. I have provided a few links to articles and videos that helped get me on the right path. Additionally, a short gallery follows of one of our nights down on the Dania Beach Boardwalk. Enjoy.

Canon 80D articles and video:

Video: Canon 80D Beginner’s Guide Video from Chris Winter

Article: The Best All-Around Canon Camera 

Article:  The Canon that can:  Canon EOS 80D

Photo Gallery from May 2017 in Dania Beach, FL: 

Dania Beach-May 2017-17
Dania Beach-May 2017-19 Dania Beach-May 2017-20 Dania Beach-May 2017-18 Dania Beach-May 2017-15 Dania Beach-May 2017-16 Dania Beach-May 2017-14 Dania Beach-May 2017-8 Dania Beach-May 2017-12 Dania Beach-May 2017-13 Dania Beach-May 2017-11 Dania Beach-May 2017-9 Dania Beach-May 2017-6 Dania Beach-May 2017-7 Dania Beach-May 2017-5 Dania Beach-May 2017-3 Dania Beach-May 2017-4 Dania Beach-May 2017-10 Dania Beach-May 2017 Dania Beach-May 2017-2